Vision, Mission, Core Values & Mottos


  • To become a renowned tyre supplier and a leading motor vehicle service provider

  • To consistently deliver high-quality tyres and premium service to our customers

  • To be at the forefront of environmental sustainability by retreading used tyres


  • We aim to establish credibility and trust with customers through competence, honesty and integrity.

  • We strive to deliver only the best - the highest standard in products and services.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    We measure our success by valuing our customers’ trust and credibility in our company. Integrity and honesty are principles which are rooted deeply in our business philosophy.

  • Quality

    We deliver the highest quality products with the finest service to our customers. Quality consistency has built customer loyalty for our company.

  • Service

    We accentuate on service excellence which differentiates us from others. Our employees always go the extra mile in meeting customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Creativity

    We value fresh ideas. Creativity and innovation through constructive ideas incubation means greater productivity with fruitful returns.

  • Social responsibility

    We commit to being responsible and charitable to society. Through donations and charity work, we contribute to the building of schools, temples, churches and old folks’ homes. In support of promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, we have sponsored marathon events with the local community.


  • With our devotion in delivering impeccable service, we strive to meet every customer’s needs.

  • With our belief in honesty and integrity as the foundation of a lifelong business relationship, we gear our efforts towards establishing credibility and trust with customers.

  • With our promise to deliver only the best to you, we obligate ourselves to produce the incessant superiority in tyres and services.

  • With our commitment towards excellence, you can only expect the best from Kian Hon.

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