Retread Tyres

Retread is recycling! Retreading tyres is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to new tyres. Not only you can save cost in this stringent economy, you can help conserve oil. A typical retreaded tyre costs 30 to 50 percent lower than a newly manufactured tyre. It only takes 7 gallons (26.5 litres) of oil to retread a tyre while it requires 22 gallons (83 litres) to manufacture a new medium-sized truck tyre. You would have saved about 68% of oil by using a retread tyre.

For these reasons, Kian Hon’s full-fledged retreading plant has been operating for over 50 years and is well received by clients. Over the years, we have helped our clients in saving operating costs but more importantly, reducing landfill disposal of worn tyres.

In maximizing the value creation for clients, our highly skilled workers adhere to stringent Industry Recommended Practices during the retreading process. In fact, our retreaded tyres are SIRIM MS 224: 2005 certified. Thus, you can be rest assured that they are of the highest standards in quality, durability and performance.

In order to enhance safety and reliability of our retreaded tyres, we only select and use the best casings in our retread plant as we understand our clients, commercial vehicle companies in particular, are highly dependant on retreaded tyres for its long distance hauls.

We also ensure each of our retreaded tyres is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our retread plant. To further improve productivity and efficiency, we utilize all technology available at every single step in the retreading process. For instance, with Acten-Alpetor X-Ray Superview Tyre Inspection Machine, our retread specialists obtain instant diagnostic inspection beyond surface level of a tyre casing.

With our commitment towards excellence, we constantly test, monitor and improve our retreading techniques.

With our devotion in delivering impeccable service, we strive to meet each client's specifications.

With our belief in honesty and integrity being the foundation of a lifelong business relationship, we gear our efforts towards establishing credibility and trust with clients.

With our promise to deliver only the best to you, we obligate ourselves to produce the highest incessant quality retreaded tyres.

For cost efficiency and environmental preservation, send us your tyres for retread today!

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